How Does Google Deal With AI Content?

How Google Deal AI Generated Content


Let’s see the answer to this question with real-time examples.

Before that We see

What is AI Content?

AI content refers to any type of content that is created or generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI algorithms and models are used to analyze data, learn patterns, and generate text, images, videos, or other forms of content. (Example – ChatGPT)

Does AI Content Rank on Google?

  • If the content is generated completely by AI then the ranking on Google will be temporary.
  • If the content is partially generated by AI along with human-generated content. Then there will be no issues.

Let’s see the real-time examples for the above two statements.

Website –

This website is a financial blog. All the content on this website is AI-generated.

This website is a new website. So no other stats will interact with this on ranking.

Below is the screenshot that will reveal the answer taken from Google Search Console.

google search console -

1. Website launched on January 2023. And the website is filled with AI-generated. Initially, the website received more impressions and a few clicks.

2. After 3 months (From April Month), the total website gets zero impressions and clicks. This implies that AI-generated content ranking on Google will be temporary.

3. Then started building backlinks from May month. Only two pages only generating impressions. But it was a very less competitive keyword.

Result – AI-generated content produces a temporary result.

But still, this website generates revenue. Click Here – To Reveal K Capitals Revenue Method

Website –

It’s a blog website, that covers the following topics – self improvement, health, short stories, leadership, and quotes.

  • This website consists of partially generated AI Content (Along with Generated AI Content outline, and content completed by humans). The results generated are not affected.
  • But not the content alone improves website ranking. It depends on other metrics too. In short read the following post – Tips to rank a brand new website site on Google

Below is the screenshot that will reveal the answer taken from Google Search Console.

google webmaster -


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