How To Rank A Brand New Website Site On Google

Everyone moving their business online which is a good platform with more opportunities and wide open worldwide. When your business has a professional website then there are a lot of chances to build trust for your business, beat your competitors, get online reviews, business visits and more leads. Building a website alone will not gain business but we have to rank the website on top of Google to capture the majority of traffic.

Tips to rank a brand new website site on Google

1. Understand and follow Google rules and guidelines

For example, before playing a game we have to understand the set of rules first and likewise follow the rules and guidelines set by Google which will simply help to win the website ranking higher. Find the following link for Google Webmaster Guidelines to solve all the on-page and off-page SEO issues-

2. Google My Business

Many businesses missing this biggest opportunity. If your business targets the local (or) business location area also means then use google my business.

For most of the Local Search Keywords or Location-based Keywords, Google Maps will have come on top of the organic result. So use that opportunity, it begins from here –

3. Keyword

Using the correct keywords is a way used to help google determine your website and get the right traffic for your website. It’s an important part, so take time to find the keyword which is relevant to your topic.

Keyword Placing areas on the website – Title Tag, Meta Description, Image Alt Tag, Content and Heading Tag. Don’t over-optimise the keyword in the above area.

Use the following tool to choose the keyword –

4. Speed

On the Internet, there is a lot of websites and a lot of solution. So if your website takes time to load then the user shift to an alternate website. Loading speed is also one of the important ranking factors of your website on google. Check your Website Speed Stats –

5. Mobile compatibility

People mostly use their mobiles to access the internet so ensure that your site is optimized for your mobile which means mobile friendly. And design your website accordingly so that it should work on small displays, touchscreen devices, and also on desktop computers.

Check your Mobile Compatibility –

6. Content

Always publish the relevant content because it influences the page ranking, updating the content frequently, and also adding a relevant link within the text to improve your authority and credibility. Google always pays attention to the viewer’s interaction with your website, and one of the ways that make it stay is your excellent content. Use unique Content only.

7. Secure your site with HTTPS

In today’s online world, the most important thing is security so we have to confirm that your site is secured with HTTPS. The connection between your site and visitors’ browsers should be secure with SSL encryption. Don’t forget to keep our website in a secure manner. It is also one of the ranking factors of Google.

8. Guest post

Guest post is one of the valuable parts of SEO and Website Ranking. It helps to obtain high-quality backlinks, traffic and authority for your website. Find a relevant blog and post your guest post on the authority website. Before getting the guest post links, just check their which is worth it or not. (Check Domain Authority & Page Authority, their Website Traffic & Popularity, Whether their website is trustable (or) suspicious)

9. Engagement

Regularly Check or track user behaviour on your website and Website Performance. Because user behaviour makes you understand whether your strategy is going in the right direction or not. If the user behaviour was poor then it leads to an increase in the bounce rate that indirectly affects your website ranking.
This tool really helps to track user behaviour –

10. Time

Keep patience while doing the above process. Even though the old website itself takes time to generate a result, the brand-new website takes more time than that. So don’t stop the work progress.

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