10 Steps To Secure Your Website

Security should be the first step before beginning with any other step. Securing your website in the same is very essential before any other steps. After successfully securing a website from a future threat, it becomes easier to proceed confidently with other website-related activities.

So, let’s see how to secure your website by following the ten steps provided, which are as follows-

1. Backup First

Safety is always first before everything. So, before you get your hands to start working on developing your website, create a well-secured backup of your entire website along with the content. Special emphasis is placed upon backup because cybercrime can occur at any time so it is essential to safeguard your website beforehand instead of feeling sorry later.

2. SSL( Secure socket layer) Certificate

The secure socket layer (SSL) certificate secures the connection between the website and the end user. There is plenty of sensitive information that is exchanged on a website, such as login credentials, credit card numbers, etc. So it becomes necessary to safeguard such data by encrypting them so that hackers don’t steal up these data in the future for their own advantage. SSL certificate ensures such encryption of data and in this way safeguards your data from future threats.

3. Software Update

It is very important to ensure that one updates all the software regularly. Never bring a procrastinating attitude when it comes to updating software and update them as soon as they are available for the same.

4. Password Security

Securing the data, website, and other vital things with a password is considered a very essential task. It is very important to sincerely follow the password policy laid out by the business. At the same time ensure strong passwords are used for better security. But, this step does not guarantee complete protection as many expert hackers can easily decode the strongest of the strongest passwords. So, in such cases, it is advisable to use a tool like sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication for a trustable security service.

5. Defence your Website using Firewalls

Nowadays, DDoS (Distributed Denial of service) attack has become very common. So it becomes very important to protect one’s website in such a way, that it can detect suspicious traffic even before they attack one website, as prevention is always better than cure. Firewalls are well known to get this job done perfectly and can be easily trusted.

6. Don’t Discard unwanted Domain Names

Never discard the old domain while rebranding or changing the domain name. The theory of ACSC(Australian cybersecurity centre) and the result of one researcher state that it is easy to access highly confidential information like legal documents, invoices, etc., through such discarded old domains. So always hold on to the old domain for a cheaper and safer digital experience.

7. Create awareness among the employees

Half knowledge is dangerous. So ensure to always keep the employees well updated. When employees are not given awareness about various kinds of security threats such as phishing emails they will never be able to even identify the threat and fall into its trap easily. Knowledge of the identification of threats is equally important as the skill to solve them. So ensure to educate the employees.

8. Email Protection

Apart from the website, one should focus their attention to protect the email used for operating the website as various important data are stored here. For this reason, emails are generally attacked by hackers through phishing, malware attachment, etc. So, to prevent this obtain an email protection service that provides anti-spam and anti-virus services. This way every mail is properly checked before landing in your inbox.

9. Trustable web hosting

A reliable hosting service provider offers services other than the hosting service itself. Other than this trustable web hosting safeguards the website from various online threats. So, it is very essential to obtain a reliable hosting service.

10. Website Security Team

Security team, who know their job very well are a boon to your business. So it is very important to have one. Don’t keep waiting until the cyber threat knocks on your door, always be ready before that. Some website development companies also provide such website security services, so ensure to have proper utilization of the same.

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