8 Most Powerful Ways To Promote Your Product Or Service

No matter how good your new product or service is, it won’t be successful unless and until you promote it properly. Amidst a ton of competition, finding out creative ways to promote a product or service to a customer becomes a daunting task. Try these tested techniques to ensure that your prospective customers get to know about your product or service on the market.

1. Send an email to your list

One of the most effective promotional strategies is email marketing. Use your customer database to tell them about your new product or service. Unlike social media, emails are more streamlined. You will be sending out to people who have already shown interest in your product by giving their mail id. So those who get your emails are more likely to click through and make a purchase. Add brief details to your mail and try to personalize it as much as you can. For example, include an exclusive discount or promotion.

2. Socialize on social media

Social media have emerged as one of the most powerful yet inexpensive ways to promote a product. A few popular social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and GooglePlus. Share about your product with customized content for each channel. Provide your audience or followers with teasers, sneak peeks, countdowns, or exclusive previews of your product or service.

3. Loyalty Programs

Instead of trying to acquire new customers make an effort to retain your existing customers. Introduce loyalty programs to enhance lifetime customer value, foster more repeat purchases, and raise average order value. Introduce your new loyalty program together with the product or service you want to promote. For example, offer double point gain on purchasing the promoted product.

4. Attend Trade Shows and Expos

Another great way to reach a more relevant audience is to attend trade shows and expos. You can use these places to launch your new product or even offer pre-launch purchases at a discount. You can also get maximum media coverage and get featured in reputed industry publications. Besides promoting and selling your product, you can also collect more information from such trade shows and expos which can help you develop your business in the future.

5. Share true stories about your product

Whether you’re creating engaging visual content or hosting podcasts or blogging, craft a small product story that can grab one’s attention. Creating a story around your product or service helps to converse with your customer at an emotional level. For example, one of the innovative ways to promote a product is to let your customers speak. Great reviews bring in more new customers.

6. Influencer marketing

Another great idea to build buzz for your product is to use influencers or celebrities in your domain to promote your product or service. When you partner with the right influencers you can reach the right audience. Users are more reactive to the actions of those influencers whom they trust, follow, and imitate. You can use influencers to promote your product in different ways. For example, promote giveaways through influencers, make influencers host your product launch, or get them to review your product or tell a story.

7. Conduct Contests and Giveaways

Though conducting contests requires a big budget, it is worth the investment. Contests can get your brand in front of your potential customers. Everyone loves gifts. Giving away fun gifts or physical gifts with your brand advertisement on them like key chains, pens, bags, and others can help you gain goodwill and create brand awareness among potential consumers. Ensure that you use the right platform at the right time with the right message to make your contest successful. Use all means like social media, blog, or store to encourage participation.

8. Write a blog post

Blogging is a great way to generate buzz about your new product launch or promote your product or service. Publish worthwhile information about the new product, what it is, and how it can be helpful. Ensure that your content is crisp, SEO friendly, and accentuates your product benefits. Update your blog regularly and do not forget to share it with your subscriber list, social media followers, and your influencers. When done correctly, blogging can drive more traffic and bring more leads to your business.

Wrapping Up

Products don’t sell themselves. You need to promote it to get maximum exposure. These are just a few creative ways to promote your product or service. There are also a lot of other ways to promote your product or service. Talk to a digital marketing consultant about your product. They can help you choose the right tactic for your product promotion and hit your business and revenue goals with ease.

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