Journey To Know About E-A-T SEO Audit

Do you want to know about the E-A-T audit and how it influences SEO? Let’s see What it is and why it’s so important?

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google first introduced it in 2014 and it became more popular in the major Google Algorithm Update in 2018. E-A-T is mainly used to evaluate the quality of content because Google wants to deliver the relevant content or best search result based on your website to meet the higher standards of quality. E-A-T is to ensure and engage users on the website to satisfy the customer. If it fails it affects your website ranking and traffic.

E-A-T SEO Audit


  1. Expertise is a skill or knowledge of the author who was qualified in writing about a topic.
  2. Whether it is a blog or topic the author should have the experience or know more information.
  3. And the content should be always relevant to the topic.
  4. Content will reflect your knowledge of the topic.
  5. Always google evaluate the content, not the site.


  1. Authoritativeness is not only related to the author but also to the main content of the website
  2. Authority means trust, good reputation, accuracy, and true information.
  3. Authoritativeness will take time to build and should not fake


  1. Trustworthiness is honesty, accuracy, truthfulness, and trust in the content.
  2. About Us, the page should have valid information.
  3. you should provide more information about your company(ex: phone number, address, e-mail id, etc) to gain the user’s faith.
  4. All the content provided on the website is the responsibility of the owner.

E-A-T SEO – Checklist

  1. Content – create content that should be unique, relevant, helpful, and have appropriate wording. Don’t mislead the content.
  2. Advertisement – remove unnecessary ads while scrolling the page and don’t make your page dominated by ads. This may distract users and lead to some other sites.
  3. Policies – try to mention your policies for the users.
  4. Purpose – the webpage should be provided with the purpose as perfectly as possible. Even with a glance at the content the user should understand the purpose of our site.
  5. Relevance – The relevant content which improves your ranking.
  6. Site security – First convert your site to HTTPS by obtaining an SSL certificate. Make sure the site is secured and do the regular maintenance of your site.
  7. Expertise – Google wants the information provided by you, should be accurate and All the information about the organization should be on the about us page.
  8. Review – The review will clearly state what customers think about your business. And will help you o know how the company scores on the sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, and Better Business Bureau.
  9. Backlinks – Backlinks provided by you should be stronger than your competitors.

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