Is Digital Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing?

Come, let us go deep into the world of marketing and explore digital and traditional marketing,

How do you think did marketing strategies evolve in the initial stages? It all started with the conventional mode of marketing. Traditional marketing uses print ads in newspapers and magazines, bold voices on televisions and radios, and billboards by the roads. On the other hand, digital marketing makes use of websites and advertises the brand through various social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

There is still a debate going on whether to go for digital or traditional marketing, lets us glance through the pros and cons of both for a conclusion.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing wins the battle when it comes to the local target audience. You can let your prospects pass through various nooks and corners of the city to pass the flyers.

It creates a personal connection between the brand and customers rather than remaining virtual. Also, it lets people get clarified with their doubts with a quick discussion

The printed ads always remain safe as hard copies to see through later when needed. Also, according to the study by Canada Post, printed copies are easier to understand and get registered better among participants.

There are a lot of people around who still lag behind in using the internet or have no knowledge at all in using it, in such cases, traditional marketing win over digital marketing.

Opting for traditional marketing is very expensive. You will need to hire prospects to distribute them.
It, of course, enables interaction between the prospects and the customers, but if the customer is in a hurry, he takes the flyers and rushes through without getting any further information.

Another drawback is that the marketing results are not measurable. After a lot of efforts taken to promote your product, you end up with questions about whether or not it reached the audience and you never know if they are interested in your brand.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing:

Out of all pros, the first to mention is, Digital marketing is cost-efficient, even a youngster who is in the plan of launching a startup can afford online marketing. Many digital marketing companies offer automation marketing, thus helping out in using the various software platforms and IT tools.

When it comes to brand development, obviously digital marketing stands over traditional marketing, as you can have a complete website for your brand rather than a small column in the newspaper. You can own a blog, and create impressive content, images, and videos as well. Every company wishes to develop its brand and have an everlasting name and identification which will be prominent with the help of logos and brochures. Digital marketing companies have professional logo designers to create the best designs as per your requirement.

It gives the highest exposure; once you share your ads on various social networks, it spreads out and is viewed by even millions of audiences.

Even though there is no real-time interaction with the audience like traditional marketing, digital marketing wins over owing to quick results as it lets the audience have a quick chat on the site and discuss the brand. You also get to know the opinion of the audience about the brand. Also, with the number of visitors, conversion rates, active time of usage, and bounce rates, you can know the instant result in real-time. Even if it is not working out, you can get the result rapidly with the response rates and try to do strategy refinement expeditiously to make it work out. Also, Internet marketing services include online reputation management services that deal with negative comments, ensuring your online presence swiftly.

With digital marketing, you can tailor a campaign that reveals audience demographics, including their location, interests, age, and gender as well. It makes your campaign more effective.

Online marketing is a boon to small businesses as it doesn’t demand a lot of people handling it. With less number of staff being very active in the content and management of websites, the brand, as well as the company, can attain its virtual expansion and thus the online presence.

Digital marketing companies offer strong online marketing approaches right from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that help organic users get closer to your business to content marketing, marking your online presence. Thus, you can get your internet marketing services with the help of well-defined market processes from a digital marketing company, that make your brand visible in the diverse world of marketing through various social media.

Here comes the conclusion

Now, it is apparent that the path to reach the goal is strongly through digital marketing. However, traditional marketing is significant among people who are still conventional and still lag behind in operating systems and surfing the internet. You can always take efforts to go both ways to get your brand popular all over the world. There is nothing wrong in taking your brand to the hands of people who are going towards the digital world as well as the people who are still behind newspapers and radios.

In a way, traditional marketing methods help your digital marketing grow further. Print ads and Broadcast ads help find your website or company on social media. Hence, it is a smart approach to use traditional methods to drive traffic to your digital marketing strategy to take your business to the next level.

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