Big Mistakes On Social Media Marketing & How To Overcome It

With a massively growing user rate, social media is now a constant in almost every aspect of our lives. Most modern businesses have understood the importance of social media to interact with their prospective customers and to promote their brand. Social media marketing is something all businesses, irrespective of its size, are doing now. But we often hear “Social media marketing doesn’t work”. The simple reason being – it’s not done right. Knowing what not to do is more important when it comes to social media marketing. Listed here are the top 5 social media marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

1. Failing to have a social media marketing strategy

Many businesses jump into social media marketing without taking time to develop a smart strategy. Having a strategy serves as an essential foundation for everything else that follows. You should develop both short-term and long-term strategies that should include an action plan, clearly defined goals, budgets, KPIs and other resources. If you’re not good at developing a strategy, you can approach a digital marketing consultant. They will help you define your strategies based on your goals and requirements.

2. Not tracking the results

There’s hardly any point is using social media without tracking your results. Social media marketing lets you track your progress in real-time. Tracking and assessing your performance lets you plan future investment, make strategic changes in the campaign, and improve results over time. You can stop the campaign, which is not working and cut down costs. However, you cannot expect great results from your very first campaign. But you can always track your results and learn from them.

3. Not engaging with the audience

Your social media campaigns are useless if you do not engage with your audience. Reacting and responding to the users’ comments on your feed will give the impression that you’re interested in listening to your audience. The more you respond the more your users’ will get engaged with you. When a person responds or comments, be it positive or negative, respond to it. It allows you to communicate with the audience directly. Increased engagement can bring in more customers and increase your followers’ rate.

4. Treating all social media platforms the same

One of the biggest mistakes many brands does is that they post the same content in the same format across all their social platforms. But understand that each of these channels is highly unique in different ways. They have different features, marketing tools, and diverse audiences. So, always remember that you can’t copy-paste content or reuse your old campaigns. Follow different marketing strategies that are distinctive and tailored to the audience of the specific platform.

5. Blowing your own trumpet

Would you like to hang out with a person who talks too much about himself? You won’t, right? That’s the biggest mistake many brands make on social media marketing. When you over-promote your product or service, the audience will start to lose interest. Keep your promotional activities subtle. Talk about your audience and what they’re interested in. Post something that brings value to your audience. If you’re still losing your potential customers, read on “Is Your Website Lossing Potential Customers 5 Easy Fixes For It” to improve your followers’ rate.

The Takeaway

Social media marketing, if done the right way, has enormous potential to build your brand community, grow your customer base and skyrocket ROI. To succeed in social media marketing – set a clear strategy with objectives, bring value to your customers, demonstrate customer care, and fulfil audience expectations. Learn from your mistakes and follow all these tips to ensure that you get maximum results from your social media marketing efforts.

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