How to Increase Traffic to my Website?

In a physical world where traffic is to be avoided, the virtual world considers ways to multiply the traffic. But, why? What is important about website traffic? Come let us see.

Why is website traffic so important for a company?

A company’s website is a channel to present itself to the targeted audience. People who are investigating the services or in need of a similar service could land on your site and find what they want. If they are satisfied with what the website offers, they could convert into customers.

The people visiting your site are proportional to your business opportunities. Hence, the more the number of people visiting the website, the more are your business opportunities. This traffic also indicates the popularity of your online marketing strategy, helping you decide which type of strategy works for which market. This way you can also top the SEO results, helping gain more visibility. Now, if traffic to a website is that important, how can we gain them?

There are multiple ways to divert traffic to a website and publicize a brand. But, not all traffic is quality traffic. So, what is quality traffic?

Though you might get millions of visitors to your website per month, only a sparse number of them get converted to customers. The number of visitors is the website traffic quantity and the conversion rate is the quality. Here, there is good traffic to your website, but the ROI rate is low, meaning the quantity of traffic is good but the quality is poor. We need both quantity and quality traffic.

How to build quantity and quality traffic?

1. Audience Side

Audience ViewThink from the customer’s point of view. Say, we are looking out for a service or product. What do we do to buy a product? The first thing we do when buying a product is to check it online, look at the reviews, and check their social media pages. We then browse through their website. We compare them with the competitor and once satisfied we buy the product.

2. Search Engine Side

Search Engine SideSEO ranking plays a major role in navigating traffic to your site. Easy the page crawl, the higher the page’s position in SERP. Ensure to have a technically sound webpage, with internal links and cross-links, keywords usage, and long-tail keywords.

Providing an efficient page, capturing both machine and humane needs can bring in quantity and quality traffic to a page.

Now, let us see how to increase this traffic. The traffic to your website can be categorized into two components – Organic Traffic and Paid Traffic.

  • Organic traffic is traffic naturally gained to the website. Content is the hero of organic traffic. Organic traffic can mostly be generated in-house.
  • Paid traffic is gained through commercial means and external sources. The paid traffic is generally a pay-per-click ad displayed on a third-party medium.

Let us delve into this world of traffic in more detail.

On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is the process of enhancing the website to improve the search rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Though it is free of cost, it is not as easy or instant.

The on-page SEO requires constant monitoring and analysis. As the trend changes, the pages need to be updated as well. The on-page SEO comes under the organic traffic section.

The following are a few broad categories that could help increase the on-page optimization:

Page Technicalities

The technical aspects of the page relate to the page’s working style. They can be categorized as follows:

Mobile Optimized Content

The count of people browsing through mobile is largely greater than the count of people browsing through the web from other devices. Ensure your content is mobile optimized. This will help reach a larger audience and keeps you at the top of SEO search.

Structured Codes and HTML Tags

Proper codes and HTML tags boost the crawling mechanism of the search engine and thereby provides visibility to your website in the SEO search. This will also provide structure to the content, increasing its readability and thereby reachability.

Appropriate Page Link

The website link can also act as a keyword. A link that conveys the page meaning has added advantage. This will help the machine understand the content available on the page.

Up-to-date Content

Content is the protagonist of a website. The more realistic and engaging it is, the more attractive your page becomes. Not just that, old content can drive away the visitors. Always keep the page updated in terms of keywords. This will help rank the SEO search.

Page Structure

A page with a proper structure page ranks at the top of the SERP. Design your page menu and page structure in a user-friendly as well as crawl-friendly way.

Attractive Taglines

An attention-capturing tagline does the job of capturing the customer’s heart. If your page has a great tagline and heading, your job of establishing a brand is put on the path to success.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific keywords to a page. They have high relevance to what the customers search for in search engines as these are the terms used by the customers to search for a particular topic.

Add Internal Links

Internal links help easy navigation inside the page. This also eases the crawling mechanism, helping the page to rank on top in SERP.

3. Email Campaign

email campaignEmail Campaign is yet another, easy and pocket-friendly, the method to bring in more viewers to your website. As emails are sent to your targeted audiences separately, they are your private medium of communication. You can tailor these emails to your customer base and optimize them to suit customers.


Newsletters will not just keep the users informed about your product updates, but they are a medium to navigate the audiences towards your website. Providing a gist of the relevant information and links to the website will help increase your website traffic.

Email Referral

Ratings and feedback are the first points of view to a customer. Even with great marketing, the feedbacks and ratings that come from fellow customers hold more value. Email referral is a marketing technique to spread about the product from our customers to their known source. Reward your existing customers for helping you market your product on your behalf.

The referred customers will visit your websites to learn more about you. This will help increase new traffic to your websites. Also, these are quality traffic as these referrals are also people in need of the product. They would be a potential target.

4. Guest Blogging

guest bloggingGuest Blogging is similar to ratings and feedback. When the content of your website is also available on other sources, the accessibility to the product widens. When customers tend to frequently read about you, their curiosity could build up. This curiosity will slide them toward the website, thereby increasing your website traffic. This again is an organic traffic generation method.

5. Social Media Marketing

social media marketingSocial media is a great space to advertise products. But, the knowledge of which social medium works for which type of customer base is needed. Choose your promoting social media based on whom you want to connect with.

Also, it is not only important to post content but also to stay active in your business-related groups. This public forum of discussions could bring you details about what the customer wants and how you can enhance your website to suit your customer needs. The most famous social media marketing includes:

Facebook: Create a group for your product and provide cross-links to your product website and blogs. You can also ask for customers to add feedback and testimonials to your Facebook handle. This can increase your reach to the customers.

Twitter: Twitter threads are micro-bytes of information that can be consumed on the go. Ensure to have interesting information that pulls the customer to the actual information available on your site.

Instagram: Provide video clips and mini content that can navigate to the actual content available on your website in your stories.

LinkedIn: This is a professional medium, highly efficient for a B2B market. Join groups related to your products and increase your visibility by participating in discussions.

Fortunately, the best part about social media marketing is that it can be done both at an exorbitant price and a low-cost budget. This article is definitely for you – 10 Low-Cost Social Media Marketing Tactics That Work

6. Advertisement

advertisementAdvertisements are an age-old marketing technique. But, what’s new here is the social media and website ads. Though the pay-per-click ads are expensive, when these channels are optimized to correct usage, they could generate a good amount of traffic. There are a variety of ad sources in today’s market that can generate more traffic to your website instantly. Yet, again not all can be quality traffic. While investing money in online ads, you need to keep in mind about the traffic and also the ROI. You can promote your products online using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing, many more.

Increasing your visibility and trust among the audience will help you attract many customers to your website. This also helps convert more leads. Ensure to be updated on customer needs and SEO algorithm mechanism and reflect the updates on your websites constantly. This will generate more traffic to your websites.


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