Best time to post on Facebook for maximum exposure

So to promote once an idea, the first and obvious step is to create amazing eye-catching content. After lots of research, editing, and re-editing, amazing content comes to life and is all set to show itself off on social media platforms say Facebook. This is when the second step begins its mission, which is to display the content effectively on Facebook, and the key to succeeding in this step is to post at the “right time”.

So, one may wonder what and when this magical right time can push my content to the top of my Facebook feed. Let’s explore the same.

Types of Content

Before we dive in to discover the ideal time to post on Facebook, let us first determine what kind of content you currently hold. The content can be broadly classified as organic and non-organic content.

  • Organic content is the one that you post on your page, which will appear on the feed of the audience who have already liked your page.
  • The non-organic are the ones generated through Facebook advertising.

Best time to post!

The first type of content can be posted after doing detailed research on your current audience who already likes your page. A quick look into Facebook insights can help you decide the best time to post your organic content.

The ideal time to post organic content

Thursday & Friday – 1 to 3 pm (Based on Hubspot)
Thursday – 8 pm (Based on TrackMaven)
Weekends – 1 – 4 pm (Based on Coschedule)
Off-peak (Based on Buzzsumo)

But the trouble peeps up when you have to determine the best time to post your content using a Facebook advertisement to an unknown audience. So, let us see how to achieve the same.

1. Target your audience with a laser focus

The first and obvious step is to research various factors such as gender, age, interest, demography, etc., and come up with your exact audience.

2. Test run to gather data

After your audience is set in place it’s time to run Facebook advertising without any scheduled time for a month, just with the intention to gather data and also increase awareness.

3. Analyse data and determine your own magical time

Now look and observe the audience engagement of that one whole month and mark and pick up the day and time which on average developed the highest reach. This date and time can be concluded as your ideal time to schedule the Facebook Advertisement.


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