Plan to improve website traffic

10 Quick Strategy To Increase Website Traffic

In the digital world, the fight to reach the top of the search engine page never ends. But only a few websites successfully end up on the top that too in a very short time. So, to help you, we have listed down some must-know the strategy to increase website traffic that gives out quick results. Let’s dig in!

1. Internal link

Make your readers roam freely around your website with internal links that will push readers to land on the most interesting pages of your website. Make the readers busy with these internal links that will make Google increase your page rank and thereby increase your incoming traffic.

2. Visible links in the guest post

Sharing ideas in the guest post is one of the proven strategies to attract visitors to your website. It builds up a great reputation for your website as well as increases website traffic. But some mistakes there made there may not bring out the best results. The major mistake one can make is providing the link to your website only after the completion of the article, as most readers tend to ignore that. So, the best way is to camp your link inside the major keywords spread across the article. This has a higher chance of obtaining quick and high traffic for your website.

3. LSI Keywords

The random keywords resting in your articles may reduce the brand image of your website as well as disappoint the search engine. So, that is when LSI keywords can come as a great help for you. To generate LSI Keywords, just go LSIGraph and type in the topic you want to generate LSI keywords.

4. Aim to post 6x on Twitter

The higher reach your website has there is higher the chance of a post reaching the maximum readers. It is recommended to post 6x on Twitter to obtain guaranteed returns without looking desperate at the same time. It is also recommended to choose an image tweet that summarises your post than a plain text tweet to catch up audience’s attention in a shorter period.

5. Click-to-tweet

It is recommended to have click to tweet link in your Twitter post for the readers to share your interesting post with their followers. This way both readers and you will obtain more profit. To create these links just go to click to tweet and generate your link.

6. Site speed

The faster the loading speed of your website, the higher will be your incoming traffic. The recommended loading time for the website is 3sec.To check the site loading speed go to goggles Page Speed Insights and check the speed rate if it’s low then improve it. Otherwise, use CDN.

7. Generate more list article

The articles that begin with numbers tend to perform better than the how-to articles. So, it’s recommended to create more list articles, which can have a headline with the numbers of the list. These numbers meet up with readers more quickly and thereby increase traffic.

8. The image speaks louder than the words

Images attract and retain readers. The readers tend to stay on your website when they are caught with images that will automatically make Google rank your page the most. It is also proven that the article with attractive images in between text tends to be shared the most than the articles with no images. Images also create visual effects in the mind of readers and that makes them remember your website for a longer period.

9. Increase CTR

CTR-Click-through rate is the best and traditional way to generate high traffic. The best way to increase CTR is by focusing on the Title and description that land up on the search engine pages. Ensure that the title begins with a keyword and ends with a benefit. When it comes to description ensure that the description talks also about the benefit or any learning points that the readers can take away with them.

10. Promotion game on LinkedIn

This is a must-follow strategy. Go through your blog post and list down the articles that you think the readers at LinkedIn will find interesting.

Grab the link to those articles and share them on LinkedIn with a description that will make the readers click that link and arrive at your website as new traffic. It is also suggested, to use video content related to the article that will link back to your website. Video content is popularly consumed on LinkedIn, so it is highly recommended to use the same. Also, while the net time you craft articles for your website does keep the interest of LinkedIn readers too in mind.

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