Seven Deadly Sins Of Digital Marketing

We all might have heard of the seven deadly sins from the Bible. We as a human are continuously striving to be unattached to these in our worldly journey. Today, we shall learn how to refrain from these in our digital marketing world.

Lust – Expecting Success without a Strategy

Everyone wants to be an instant success and become the trend but not many are willing to work for it. Getting instant success by trying to spam potential customers or fabricating fake followers on social media is one of the deadly sins of marketing. Any great product without a proper thought-out marketing strategy is not going to survive in the long run. And shortcuts and cheap techniques does more harm than good in due course. To turn your lust into love:

  • You must invest a substantial amount of research, input, and think into your brand/product’s marketing strategy.
  • Choose all different digital mediums and come up with appropriate strategies for each of them before implementing your marketing ideas.
  • Test and conduct surveys among the target audience to understand their needs and weave your marketing ideas around that.

Gluttony – Taking up more than you Need

The aim is to make our product famous and reach a variety of potential customers and target audiences. Sometimes, we just tend to get carried away trying too hard and wasting our time, money, and energy on unnecessary marketing media. Taking up more than you can handle is similar to the sin of gluttony which essentially means eating more than you can digest. To convert gluttony to moderation, you must:

  • Analyze your product and understand clearly what type of people you need to target.
  • Identifying the target audience is an important step in marketing and it saves you from unwanted marketing and helps in devising effective marketing strategies.
  • Once you’ve identified your target audience and your product type, choose digital media which will enhance your marketing efforts and instantly reach potential customers.

For instance, if you are into photography services having an Instagram account is more vital than having LinkedIn or Twitter account. You should make marketing on Instagram the primary focus.

Greed – Attempt to Multiply Audience with Unwanted Ideas

Any brand needs to implement cool strategies and techniques to attract customers and make them use its products. However, you must be careful not to go overboard at this point. If you’re going to give lots of offers, and discounts and buy a lot of customer details and try to multiply your market, you might potentially end up in loss and worse lose customers as well. Greed is a sin you don’t want to commit in digital marketing.

As mentioned in the previous point, the first step is to analyze your target audience. If your audience has a genuine need for your product, they will naturally come to you. However, if you try to lure customers with high discounts and offers, they will stay only till they can enjoy the benefits of the discount/offer and then abandon your product. Spamming mined customers is worse as they might be irritated and report your product!

So try to build a real customer base gradually without taking the shortcut.

Sloth – Bad Content and Bad Execution

Sometimes with a lot of work going on, we might be tempted to take the easier route and come up with basic content and layout for marketing. Boring content, a bad template, poor images, and on the whole a substandard page. If you are not impressed with your work, your customers might not be interested even to look at it. Laziness or sloth is one of the deadly digital marketing sins.

Take reasonable time, do proper research, and frame fabulous content with supporting images and GIFs with a stunning page layout. Again do what is needed to make it look elegant. Do not go overboard with writing and designing else it becomes chaotic, clumsy, and unpleasant for the viewer. Also, it can be a distracting element that might turn the ship outwards. Succinct is the key.

Wrath – Afraid to Establish a Proper Customer Relationship & Explore Techniques

At the end of the day, customers are the most important element in any business. Maintaining a cold distance and selling from far away is not getting your business anywhere substantial. Another dangerous thing is the fear to explore and experiment with new trends and techniques. In today’s fast-moving world, you need to keep up your pace both with your product and marketing techniques.

Treat your customers like humans and not just numbers. Brands that interact with customers possess greater customer loyalty compared to popular brands. It is essential to winning your customer loyalty.

Playing it safe and doing things that you already know makes your brand stagnant in the marketing arena. Explore the current trends and experiment with various new and upcoming marketing techniques. It is no guarantee that every experiment succeeds but experimenting is what keeps digital marketing alive.

Envy – Getting Jealous of Competition and Worse Trying to Copy Them

We all follow our competitors to get the lay of the land and understand the current stand of our product/business in the market. Do not freak out and get jealous while analyzing your competitors, because envy is a sin in the world of digital marketing. Get a hold of yourself and see how you can change and adapt your strategies.

Copying marketing campaigns that are trending often is not a wise option. Brands must understand their objectives and analyze the need of their consumers before jumping to implementing a campaign only because it is trending.

Pride – the Word Tells It All

Having too much pride can destroy you and your product. You always need to evolve and adapt to current trends and needs. Do not make your product more than your customers. Brands with a history of success often display arrogance and soon find themselves distant from their customers. Thereby, ultimately digging their own graves.

Lack of consumer engagement and the “we are the best” attitude of brands significantly affect them in the digital marketing world. Be humble, listen to your customers, and devise your strategies accordingly. You might be the most popular product or brand but never forget that “Customer is king”.

Turn your sins into virtues by following the practices outlined. As stated, a digital marketing consultant and SEO Expert can help you attain absolution in your digital journey.

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