Mobile Marketing: The New Genie in the Marketing World

Virtuality is a new reality. Most of the people have found their true calling in their mobile phones. This is an era in which anything that appears on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp becomes trending instantly. One condition – the content needs to be crisp with the support of right images and lure the target audience at first sight. This is where mobile marketing comes in to play.

What is Mobile Marketing? 

Mobile Marketing is one of the roots of digital marketing with its aim to freeze the customers right where their presence is felt the most – hand gadgets a.k.a mobile phones. If pitched right, mobile marketing can provide customized, personalized, time, and locale-specific ads, thus ensuring to make your presence visible to the potential audience.

What is its edge of Mobile Marketing over other Marketing Techniques? 

The blunt truth is many of us hate advertisements. The skip, next, and block are our favourite terms when it comes to advertisements. We tend to click the close button when the article is strikingly huge.
In today’s scenario, you need something that could keep your target audience engaged. Bring an emotional connection, something relatable about your advertisement, that would anchor the obstinate audience glued to your business promotion. This can be achieved with the help of mobile marketing.
With mobile marketing, you can very easily analyze customer touchpoints and can tailor your ads based on their preferences. We could also borrow hands from various digital marketing tools.

Mobile Marketing  Strategies

Understanding your target audience and gauging the pitch accordingly will help you entice people to your product. A few mobile marketing strategies in the air (or apparently the cloud) are:

1. App-Based Marketing:

Today’s smartphones are buzzed with N-number of apps. We could easily find an app for anything and everything we know and want to know. The apps download-record from one’s Google account will help us easily gauge the interest of that person and thereby spot the potential target and shoot out ads based on their requirements. You can also use the help of an SEO expert and digital marketing consultant here to get insights on which app works best for your product.

2. Game Mobile Marketing:

Most of today’s “grown-ups” are majorly addicted to games. Confined to the indoors, they walk freely on the virtual platform. This platform is not only for gamers but it is also an opportunity to strike the string of your marketing campaigns. The banner pop-ups, full-page image ads, and also the video ads in between the loading time are the major game marketing strategies used.

3. Mobile Search Ads:

This method is a cardinal Google search advertisement that is built for mobile phones based on the web browser while using them for search.

4. Social Media Marketing:

We literally live in likes and talk in comments. With this chronicling higher day-by-day, displaying ads based on your user’s social media activity is a way to ring the bell of the potential customers’ door. You can also easily view insights of shared, viewed, liked, re-twitted, and bookmarked and can thereby analyze your customer touchpoints.

5. SMS and MMS Marketing:

This diminishing marketing strategy was the starting point of mobile marketing, the normal broadcasting of text and multi-media messages.

6. Location-based marketing:

This locale-specific marketing strategy is based upon a user’s location relative to a specific area or business. For example, some advertisers may only want their mobile ads to appear when users are within a 1-mile radius of their business. This method is hitting directly at the bull’s eye.

Best Practices: 

A few quick tips that might have your advertisement shine are:

1. Minimalist Content:

With people always being on the run, it is vital to create succinct content that will lure them and make them stop. It should not be one another advertisement that they scroll without having a look or that YouTube video that irritates them. A catchy tagline with appropriate on-screen elements will help do the magic.

2. Usage of Keywords:

Keywords play an important role as it will help you create visibility. SEO expert might help you fetch the right words based on the product you are marketing. Include as many keywords as possible without deteriorating the essence of your content.

3. Emotional Connect:

People are always ready to skip advertisements whenever possible. So keeping this in mind, ensure to make your audience connect to your advertisement in the first 15 seconds before they could get the chance to press the skip button.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing 

Mobile marketing has a substantial amount of advantages, a few dissolving with the advantages of digital marketing.

  •  You can provide customized ads for the customers and keep it locale-specific, thereby spotlighting the exact pitch in the dark.
  • You can do experimental marketing and find what works better. As the mobile marketing strategies are comparatively cheaper, you can get it all done within your budget.
  • You can easily analyze the impressions, click-through rate, call to actions, demographics of your audiences. These insights will help you tailor your advertisements based on the needs of your target audience.
  • The responses are quick as the mobile phones are glued to the hands of the users.

Conclusion :

Mobile phones are the most used device and mobile marketing gives us the most edge in the marketing world. Based on the above-discussed points and tips, dive straight into mobile marketing, and experience one of the most effective digital marketing medium.

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