How do you do Undercover Marketing?

What is Undercover Marketing?

Undercover Marketing is a way of promoting a product or service to the customer, that they wouldn’t realize as an advertisement. The company will target the audience who will unknowingly the part of the advertisement too. It is also known as Stealth Marketing. Undercover marking is one of the types among “Guerilla Marketing” and originated from Guerilla warfare. Guerilla warfare is a small troop that will indifferently attack the enemy’s force to win the battle, it was unaware by other forces.

How to implement Undercover marketing?

Whether is it just a little bit harder to run successful Undercover marketing? Yes.
For the positive result, I have come up here with some of the points to implement the Undercover marketing

  • You have to understand the product or service of the company before going for it
  • Research on the product to gather more information
  • Target the location exactly where to advertise
  • Method of creating eagerness with the customer what it is?
  • Advertising should be clear and make to believe the customer is the best.
  • And whom we going to target is also necessary

Below is a good example of the awareness video which they have been implemented in a proper manner that reaches everyone.

In 2012, McCann Australia wanted to make people aware of their safety on Metro trains. They tried a new way of delivering the safety message with the video “Dumb Ways to Die”.It reaches worldwide a great success and also avoids some percentage of the accident.

What are the Strategies followed?

Undercover marketing employ follows many strategies. We can see some of the strategies below.

  • Ad Spies: Influencers promote their advertising that none of them knew whether it was paid or unpaid Ad.
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Any famous personality delivers the message about that product or service organically. Which would be able to promote their product among the public easily.
  • Product Placing: It is another way of promoting the product through different media forms like TV, Movie, Game etc.
  • Buzz Marketing: under this technique they let people talk about the product in a normal way to hit the target. Buzz Marketing is the same as the meaning of the word buzz.

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Advantages of Undercover Marketing

  • Undercover Marketing is cost-effective.
  • It will fit for brand their new product
  • This type of marketing has a great effect on the public and creates a good image of the product.
  • Fastest way of reaching with more number of customers.
  • The easiest way of increasing the sales.

Under Cover Marketing – Tips

  • We should run undercover marketing advertisements in the short term period.
  • Advertising should follow their norms according to their countries.
  • The message should be clean and clear, or else it would be taken in the wrong way.
  • The way of advertising should be in a more effective manner, otherwise the reputation of the brand will be below its level.
  • Location and target of marketing are important.
  • The evaluation of the advertising should be monitored frequently.

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